Overhauling the UI

As part of our continuing work on Domino Daydreams, I went back and looked at the part of the project I’ve worked hardest on since its inception –  The User Interface.

Without doubt this is one of the most important features for any kind of building or crafting game, and like so many things in game development: You only can tell it’s done well when you don’t notice it.

The original UI we crafted was functional, not pretty and the obvious result of a 48 hour game jam.  Having had time to work on this since we have developed a new UI system that will hopefully be more intuitive and a little prettier on the eye.Radial1

This should debut with our “State Of Play” build which will come out on 06/04/2017, to coincide with Domino Daydreams being brought to State of Play in DIT, Dublin the day before hand.

Having more screen real estate should allow you, the player a much better view of your creation without being cluttered up with buttons all the time.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts!


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