Overhauling the UI

As part of our continuing work on Domino Daydreams, I went back and looked at the part of the project I’ve worked hardest on since its inception –  The User Interface.

Without doubt this is one of the most important features for any kind of building or crafting game, and like so many things in game development: You only can tell it’s done well when you don’t notice it.

The original UI we crafted was functional, not pretty and the obvious result of a 48 hour game jam.  Having had time to work on this since we have developed a new UI system that will hopefully be more intuitive and a little prettier on the eye.Radial1

This should debut with our “State Of Play” build which will come out on 06/04/2017, to coincide with Domino Daydreams being brought to State of Play in DIT, Dublin the day before hand.

Having more screen real estate should allow you, the player a much better view of your creation without being cluttered up with buttons all the time.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts!


Water Effect Test

As part of our first level, the Zen garden we are adding in some props to help fill out the area. The first of which is a nice Zen water feature, below is some of the final tests i was running to find just the right effect to show off the custom models and add in some visual effect while keeping performance overheads low. Enjoy.

Alpha Build – Lets play

Thanks to the lads over at Alco Irish Gamers on YouTube for the honest and sometimes brutal truth. We gave them an alpha copy of the game to try out and they decided to make a lets play of it. Obviously this is proof of concept game play and is not the finished product by a long shot but if your interested to see where we started from by all means take a look.

Once again thanks for the support and we promise to have a super relaxing title for you very soon.